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    Train hard train smart.

    We are a “functional training” gym if functional means “anything used to get you fitter, stronger, faster and more athletic”.
    Kettlebells, medicine balls, tires, barbells, sledgehammers, sand bags - these are the tools we use to populate the workouts that enable your goals.
    Our private gym provides a hyper focused, professional environment to help you: run faster, lift heavier, get stronger, move quicker, hit harder, climb higher, survive punches better, adapt fully, reach the sky.

    Training Expertise

    With over 20 years of training experience we believe we have the background to make your goal something we can plan for and achieve. Our clients have included athletes at every level from Olympians to those just beginning their fitness journey. We have certifications with multiple organizations, have hundreds of hours of seminar exposure and thousands of hours of training experience as both athletes and trainers.

    Our company name reflects our philosophy that overall health is the encompassing goal and we will never train in a way that negatively affects your health. We believe our job is to facilitate safely working towards the upper end of your capabilities.
    Train hard train smart.

    Hickman Health Private Training Sessions and Group Classes

    Private Training Sessions by appointment only. 

    Please call 970.215.4103 for availability.


    Our group classes provide a full body workout 

    in just an hour. Please join us. 

    Mondays and Wednesdays at noon. 

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